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Garbanzo cress garlic water spinach

No, that headline is not a mistake. But it is for roughly 5,000 websites. Let me explain... While working on a proposal for a new client, I did a routine audit of their SEO using a site crawler to map all pages. It is fairly common to see ugly, lazy page optimization: dull, undescriptive or [...]

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New Patient Marketing Really IS Rocket Science…Sort Of.

Doctor.com recently cohosted a webinar on relationship marketing with eRelevance, a marketing agency from Austin. During the presentation, we discussed a conceptual model for new patient marketing that updates the marketing ‘lead funnel’. If you manage marketing for a large group practice, you may already be familiar with the term lead funnel. A lead funnel [...]

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Why Your Website is Not #1

What does it take for your website to rank "#1' on Google? This is a common question among prospective clients. Our first response is:  "#1 for what?" There are 171,476 "active" english words in the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary, plus another 47,156 obsolete words. So, assuming people use mostly two-word search phrases, there are something like [...]

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The Sweet Science of Getting More Reviews

Pierce Egan, a British journalist and sportswriter in the early 1800s, wrote about a variety of sports, but most of his articles concern bare-knuckle boxing or ‘bruising’ as it was once called. In fact, Egan coined the phrase ‘The Sweet Science’ to describe boxing since successful fighters are not just aggressive, but strategic and thoughtful. [...]

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5 Successful Habits of 5-Star Doctors

Building a great reputation for your medical practice…a great online reputation…is a bit like being famous in business. Ultimately, what separates the moguls from mongrels is a lifetime of disciplined activities…habits. To understand the drivers of a great online reputation, Doctor.com studied patient-review behavior of more than 65,000 individual patient reviews collected by 2,500 medical [...]

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The Case of the Invisible Doctor

It is remarkable how many doctors are invisible. Every day, hundreds of thousands of patients search for a new doctor online. And only a handful show up in search results. The rest are, for all intents and purposes, invisible. The root cause of this invisibility: confusing, contradictory information that baffles the smartest search engines. When [...]

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He’s Just Not That Into (Your Price)

This morning's announcement of the Apple iPad (and the stock market reaction) got me thinking about the whole idea about prices. Prices, like, why don't you just tell us the price? Here's a stock chart that demonstrates why knowing the price of an item is so valuable. At 1:00 pm, Steve Jobs starts talking about [...]

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Luck Favors Prepared Minds

I came across this broadcast PR placement (CBS) recently that references a "viral video" of the rappin flight attendant from Southwest Airlines. Watch and observe the following corporate message points: Customers: "Flying Southwest is (continues to be) fun and entertaining" Recruiting: "Southwest is a fun place to work" "Southwest employees are empowered to apply creativity [...]

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Six Ideas to Help Grow Your Business Right Now

1. Clean Up (and Segment) your ACT! E-mail to your existing clients and prospects is the least expensive and most productive on-line marketing activity. For less than $0.03 per delivered e-mail, you can get a quickly remind a customer or prospective customer about a hot new product, a new business initiative, a recent PR story [...]

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The real meaning of ‘brand integrity’

Yesterday I had one of those 'V-8' moments during a client meeting that reduces something abstract into something incredibly real. My client was hosting a presentation from an outside visitor. The group meeting was attended by seven client employees. The visitor sitting next to me had dutifully collected all seven client business cards and lined [...]

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