Building a great reputation for your medical practice…a great online reputation…is a bit like being famous in business.

Ultimately, what separates the moguls from mongrels is a lifetime of disciplined activities…habits.

To understand the drivers of a great online reputation, studied patient-review behavior of more than 65,000 individual patient reviews collected by 2,500 medical practices.

Based on our research, we’ve determined that acquiring and maintaining an excellent reputation is very much the product of a disciplined, focused process. It doesn’t involve large sums of advertising and promotional expense, but it does involve a marathoner’s dedication and training.

This blog post will report on the behaviors and strategies used by those practices that seem to get a disproportionately high number (and high score) for online reviews versus the average. Future reports and white papers will analyze technical factors including website and local directory presence.

Here are the five most important habits or procedures used by doctors and healthcare professionals who seem to get a disproportionate share of positive reviews vs. their peers.