Luck Favors Prepared Minds

I came across this broadcast PR placement (CBS) recently that references a "viral video" of the rappin flight attendant from Southwest Airlines. Watch and observe the following corporate message points: Customers: "Flying Southwest is (continues to be) fun and entertaining" Recruiting: "Southwest is a fun place to work" "Southwest employees are empowered to apply creativity [...]

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PR Disaster or Triumph?

From a recent Wall Street Journal Story: Last month, the Indian government suspended a television advertisement for Axe men's deodorant, made by Mumbai-based Hindustan Unilever Ltd. The ad shows a man transform into a walking chocolate figurine after spraying himself with Axe's Dark Temptation deodorant. As he walks through the city, women throw themselves at [...]

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Should You Have an ‘In-House’ PR Agency?

I recently participated in a discussion among senior marketing executives about the “right” way to organize an in-house PR department. In the 1980s, Siemens USA ran a very successful in-house agency called “PRO” (Public Relations Organization). It worked very well, with high professional standards and high levels of (internal) client satisfaction. There are probably other [...]

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