Why Your Website is Not #1

What does it take for your website to rank "#1' on Google? This is a common question among prospective clients. Our first response is:  "#1 for what?" There are 171,476 "active" english words in the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary, plus another 47,156 obsolete words. So, assuming people use mostly two-word search phrases, there are something like [...]

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He’s Just Not That Into (Your Price)

This morning's announcement of the Apple iPad (and the stock market reaction) got me thinking about the whole idea about prices. Prices, like, why don't you just tell us the price? Here's a stock chart that demonstrates why knowing the price of an item is so valuable. At 1:00 pm, Steve Jobs starts talking about [...]

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Six Ideas to Help Grow Your Business Right Now

1. Clean Up (and Segment) your ACT! E-mail to your existing clients and prospects is the least expensive and most productive on-line marketing activity. For less than $0.03 per delivered e-mail, you can get a quickly remind a customer or prospective customer about a hot new product, a new business initiative, a recent PR story [...]

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The real meaning of ‘brand integrity’

Yesterday I had one of those 'V-8' moments during a client meeting that reduces something abstract into something incredibly real. My client was hosting a presentation from an outside visitor. The group meeting was attended by seven client employees. The visitor sitting next to me had dutifully collected all seven client business cards and lined [...]

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Digitize Me: How Digital Technology Commoditize Your Products (and what you can do to prevent it).

The following is a letter to the editor of Widesrceen Review, originally published in the September 2007 edition, and reprinted here with permission of the publisher, Mr. Gary Reber. Gary: Kudos to your recent editorial on the state of the industry.  Many of your sentiments resonated very loudly with me since I personally witnessed market [...]

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Gasoline at $1 a Gallon: Sales Miracle or Marketing Failure?

We work with a client in the consumer electronics industry. Recently ASP (average selling prices) in a certain category have collapsed...down almost 80% in 18 months. Despite large increases in unit volumes, the effect of lower prices have actually caused aggregate sales (and margins) in the category to decline. Smaller, niche players are being edged [...]

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