I came across this broadcast PR placement (CBS) recently that references a “viral video” of the rappin flight attendant from Southwest Airlines. Watch and observe the following corporate message points:

  • Customers: “Flying Southwest is (continues to be) fun and entertaining”
  • Recruiting:
    • “Southwest is a fun place to work”
    • “Southwest employees are empowered to apply creativity to their jobs”
  • Government: “We take flight safety seriously (by emphasizing passenger comprehension and attentiveness to pre-flight instructions)”

Based on the interview clip, I can only believe that this began as a naturally occurring placement (the customer uploading the cellphone clip to YouTube). However, the broadcast placement shows what happens with a savvy corporate communications department capitalizes on a serendipitous event.

Is your PR organization sufficiently smart, creative, empowered and prepared to capitalize on such happy accidents? If not, ask them why and help them get ready for the next rapper.