Turn more leads to sales through your e-mail and web marketing

Marketing automation uses web technology and email to turn more leads into sales by personalizing the customer’s experience with your website.

Marketing automation helps you better understand buyer behaviors and actions, so your campaigns will deliver more qualified leads to your sales organization.

How We Help

We work with you to implement a complete marketing automation process:

  • Segment your existing email lists
  • Implement organic and paid search and social media campaigns to attract more prospects
  • Deploy sophisticated lead tracking technology to accurately measure campaign ROI
  • Develop personalized content for targeted and timely emails.
  • Provide your sales team with lead lists that are ranked in order of viability and interest.

Why Should You Engage SPS Group for Your Marketing Automation Program?

SPS Group works with you and your team to first segment your existing customer list, then match that to your sales goals. We create a plan of action for cultivating business from existing customers, and attracting new leads that reflect your historically best customers.

Right Buyer, Wrong Time

Up to 50% of leads are not ready to buy immediately. (Source: Gartner Group)


61% of B2B marketers send all leads to sales, yet only 27% are well qualified. (Source: MarketingSherpa.com)

Beat Competition

63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use Marketing Automation. (Source: Position2)

Repeat Visitors

61% of B2B marketers send all leads to sales, yet only 27% are well qualified. (Source: MarketingSherpa.com)

Marketing Automation in Action

Some marketing automation systems allow you to apply an objective rating to each lead that changes in real time. So, a prospective visitor who downloads a white paper would be rated more highly than a prospect that ignores your email.In fact, you can even add a small lead score boost when a person opens an email yet does not take action!

Marketing automation systems depend upon a few things:

  • Accurate segmentation of your current customer email lists
  • A clean, well-segmented list of prospects who have given you permission to send them emails.
  • A well conceived strategy for personalized content and offers to each of your prospects.
  • A destination “hub” for your offers, either a blog or personalized landing pages.

Give your users what they’re looking for

Marketing automation lets you send highly personalized offers to your audience (prospective, current and former customers) based on their stated interests or behavior. It is much more powerful than email marketing since you can monitor individual respondent behaviors and react to their actions.

Here’s a few examples of how marketing automation can help your business:

  1. You send an email invitation to a segment of your email list to download a free white paper.
  2. You send a thank you email with a coupon only to the people who downloaded the white paper.
  3. You send an alert to your sales people when one of their ‘hot prospects’ downloads the white paper.

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